About us

The Ensa is a Swedish fast fashion retailer based in France. The company was founded in 2017 by Angela Momandian. The group is a global fashion and design company with its own unique identity. Our brand is united by a passion for fashion, design, and quality with the aim to dress customers in an elegant and sustainable way. Our customers are unique from different countries.


About the founder: Angela Momandian 

Angela Momandian has proved that she is one of the most challenging, promising and educated entrepreneurs from India. She is the founder of a clothing brand, a website of women's clothing exclusively designed by French, American and Swedish designers.

She believes that she has this business spirit since has a childhood. She was used to counting numbers in her room and thinking about generating more revenues from her pocket money.  At a young age, Angela still knows how to generate revenue from her e-commerce company, her e-commerce has now more than 100 regular customers within  2 months.  The e-commerce has this particular magical touch to bring customers happy within a second, the customers order from home their clothes and receive their parcel.  It is the span of time waiting for their order that triggers this blissful moment once they receive their order.

Going beyond that, Angela is engaged in educating illiterate girls to make a future India of educated girls.  


Brand's story

Swedish based online retailer Angela Momandian was interested in introducing their brand to new markets and decided to open a pop-up shop in Paris. In order to introduce people to the European lifestyle, they brought the beach to mid-town Paris... literally. 

Real sand, beach chairs, and buckets of beer drew visitors into experience Angela Momandian's “Swedish” lifestyle, inspiring summer weekend getaways to the beach or golf course.